3 thoughts on “Anne-Marie Oomen with Jack, VWS, March 29

  1. Jack,

    I meant to tell you that on my travels from the airport to Seattle and the AWP conference a couple weeks ago that I met Anne-Marie for the first time.

    I knew her poetry through your recommendation. She’s kind and humble, so she was surprised that I knew her work. She’s such a good poet, I told her she shouldn’t be surprised that anyone who loves poems should know her work.

    And then we talked of you and your kindness and your good poems.

    Enjoy this evening of celebration with Anne-Marie in that visiting writers series named after my buddy (who had the vision, despite Hope College’s vision, to invite all those writers over the years). Your students always benefitted so much from those visits, and now the current students at Hope benefit!



  2. Jack,

    I’m not sure I will be able to make it, but you are NOW on my calendar, so I might very well surprise you! I could be like “Where’s Waldo”, just sitting somewhere in the crowd, or perhaps not able to make it at all?(Having you trying to locate me!)

    It sounds like it will be well worth the trip, should I be able to make it! Try I will, for the surprise route, good buddy! But I make no promises. However, it would be so great to see you again (its been since this summer when you and my lovely Dawn, did your presentation at the Library), and shake your hand! Aw what the heck, I have my two COVID jabs, and three boosters, I’m full of antibodies, so how about a Hug! After 3 years of social timidity, I’m having to get used to hugging old friends again! 😊



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