3 thoughts on “March 30, “Old Age Saturday Night”

  1. Yes, Jack! You’re a gift to so many and therefore selfishly we want you around. You’re a team – Julie, Mimi and yourself. I’m not ready to see the “band break up.”

  2. Hello my dears….I had just read this poem by Amanda Gorman, and then I
    heard your words about ” grief & sorrow”.  I’m sharing, but I’m sure you
    may have already read this!  Much love to you, Julie & Vivi!

  3. Hi, Jack, thank you for last night. It was special. I came masked and pulled a chair onto the back corner as I am getting over Covid. Dodged it for 3 yrs! I’m glad I came, but Covid kept me from hanging around after. I’ve read her book and will be taking her workshop at Interlochen in June. I had the audacity to send her a pantuom about my mom in a nursing home. She was kind.
    I was interested in your talk about “self”. I get weary of all the talk about taking care of self that often borders on narcissism. Not that we shouldn’t, but it can sound like one has to run roughshod (is that a cowboy word—maybe a poem title) over others to make sure one is not abused by others or even inconvenienced by them. So thx for bringing it up.
    Bettye Jo

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