Here’s media Jack:

The Number of the Beast, Christian Zaschke, Süddeutsche Zeitung

Poetry Society of Michigan Honorary Chancellor

Community Literacy Award

Tedx Macatawa, “Perfectly Imperfect”

Jack and Chris Dombrowski: Nice piece on Hope’s website.

Jack at the Fetzer Institute: Kindness

Jack at the Fetzer Institute: Empathy

Jack at the Fetzer Institute: Everyday Forgiveness

Jack at the Fetzer Institute: Suffering and Love

Amorak Huey’s review in the Grand Rapids Press

Derek Emerson reviews Practicing to Walk Like a Heron

Interview with Jack on NPR’s The Story with Dick Gordon (the second interview, halfway through  this show)

Boston Globe Review, “Perspiration and Inspiration,”

Jack on Bill Littlefield’s Only A Game (no longer in archives)

Losing Season cracked Poetry Foundation’s best selling contemporary poetry list in its first week of sales!

Mention in SI’s “Poetry in Motion: Hoops Once Kindled to Verse” by Alexander Wolff

Tony Kornheiser of PTI called the publisher to say he liked the book!

Derek Emerson Reviews Losing Season

G.R. Press profile by Patti Eddington, Mark Copier, Cory Olsen

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  1. Jack: Just a stranger here telling you how moved I was by your poems when I heard them on NPR today. Stalled the car to listen to the full interview — I didn’t want to miss a word. The poetry itself was intense and vivid. As the daughter of a rabid sportsman, I related wholeheartedly. As a professional writer, I was envious of your skill! Congratulations on the new book…

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