2 thoughts on “October 27, 2022, “The Man Who Decided to See”

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    William Shakespeare came to get vaccinated.

    Nurse: “Which arm?” Shakespeare: “As you like it” Nurse: “Was that painful?” Shakespeare: “Much ado about nothing.” Nurse: “You will have to have a second jab.” Shakespeare: “Measure for measure?” Nurse: “So, how was the experience?” Shakespeare: “A midsummer night’s dream!” Nurse: “So what do you think of the govt handling of Covid?” Shakespeare:  “A Comedy of Errors!” Shakespeare now began asking the nurse. Shakespeare: “When will my quarantine end?” Nurse: “On the Twelfth Night.” Shakespeare: “Who will foot my quarantine bill?” Nurse: “The Merchant of Venice.” Shakespeare: “Where will I be put up for my quarantine?” Nurse: “In a Hamlet.” Shakespeare: “Thank you for helping me.” Nurse: “All’s Well That Ends Well.”


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