June 2, “All at Once”

Tears. More tears. How can we live right now? News in the poetry community. A wonderful anthology to raise funds for Ukranians, that new old spinning wheel, more books in the making. The dog. The cats. Jack shares the news from his couch and his life…

May 26, Substitute Poet

Hi folks. Jack is incapacitated with some sort of low-back, pinched nerve thing, and can’t make a video today. But instead, he would like to refer you to a lovely piece from Mary McKSchmidt, about the anthology G.F. Korreck is putting together with Schuler Books. An anthology of poets responding to the Ukranian fight, with all proceeds for sale of these books going to Ukraine. Here it is: https://www.marymckschmidt.com/blog/busy-griefs-raw-towns

We hope we’ll be back next week with Jack able to sit up!

May 19, “The Barn We Played In”

Good morning! Here Jack offers a humblebrag about his Landscapes in Poetry group, some more thoughts, many of them about the chipmunks he is trying to negotiate with, and a great poem about growing up in rural P.A. Also passing along a bit of advice about “looking forward.”

May 5, “My Mother’s Ceramic Hippopotamus”

Good morning folks. Here’s Jack’s latest post on the YouTube. Hit the thumbs’ up, subscribe, click on the little bell to be notified when his videos go up, or subscribe here to receive it in your inbox every Thursday. In around 80 days, YouTube will let us record live again, at 9 am on Thursdays. We’ll let you know when that happens.

Changing Things Up!

As many of you know, after the last administration ended, and the new one began, Jack ended his blog post project and began a live stream on Facebook. Well, Facebook livestreams suddenly developed strange audio mishaps that we couldn’t fix, so we are switching things up in a way we think will work better for everyone by carrying his Thursday morning posts to YouTube.

You’ll find this morning’s post here… And we would love it, if you are a YouTube user, if you would subscribe to his channel, then hit the bell icon for notifications. But don’t worry! We’ll post these little bitty shows every Thursday right here.

Reminder, Poetry “Concert” Tonight, 7pm

Tonight is my favorite night of the year, when our “Landscapes of Poetry,” workshop of gifted writers, which has been running for years and years, meeting monthly to work on our work, gives their Holiday Reading. It’s free and open to the public. Just use the “Contact” links above to contact either me or Julie to ask for the link.

If you can make it, you’ll hear from:

Annie Valkema, Kathleen Markland, GF Korreck, Sharon Arendshorst, Beth McBride, Ruth Zwald, Jeff Munroe, Robbi Hartt, Marianna Maver,  Mary McSchmidt, and Peg Padnos, and me. Just a couple of poems per poet, so it will move briskly along.

Such a good way to meet the holidays in the most humane and focused way!