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Date TBA: Two session workshop this summer for
(Holland Area Senior Professionals)
For information contact Sharon Arendshorst at

May 28, 10am
Presentation at C3 (Creative Compassionate Community). All are welcome.

June 23, 7pm
A Reading with poet Rosemerry Trommer from Telluride, Colorado
Roan & Black Gallery located on Blue Star Highway between Saugatuck and Douglas.

June 24, 9am to 4pm
Workshop with Rosemerry Trommer
To be placed on the waiting list, contact Colette DeNooyer at

July 10-13 10am to 12:30
“Forms, Fragments, Marks, and Meanings”
A workshop at Ox-Bow using language in visual art. Team taught with Meridith Ridl. Art on the Meadow Classes at Ox-Bow School of the Arts, Saugatuck.
Registration by email or phone starts May 8. Online at
Phone: 269-857-5811

August, TBD
Fourth Annual Red Dock Poetry Reading

At the Red Dock Cafe, Douglas, MI

October 10-14
The Lost Lake Writers Retreat
Located in a beautiful setting on Lost Lake near Alpena, Michigan, this is a retreat, meaning you will work yourself and also choose a staff writer with whom you will have a one on one session. There will be evening readings and useful talks by staff members. The staff consists of writers of fiction, poetry, non-fiction, songs, and memoir. Sign up at

Landscapes: A salon-type gathering of twelve writers, led by Jack, meets once a month June through October. To add your name to the waiting list for Landscapes, contact Colette Volkema DeNooyer at

One-on-One Poetry Sessions — Since retiring from college teaching, I’ve discovered a whole new world of wonderfully soulful people who want to write, talk about, discover, explore poetry.

So – 

For those of you wanting a one time session – Cost:  $85:
We can schedule a single hour and a half conversation. We can look over as many poems as we can and/or have a conversation on subject(s) of your choice.

For those of you wanting a continuing conversation– 
Three Sessions (Cost: $235)

We can meet at our home or via email or via Skype or . . .

Interested?  Email me at: or use the Contact Jack link above to get in touch.

It will be a great good time!

9 thoughts on “Readings & Workshops

  1. Nov 18 at MCAD…do you know a time?

    Not far away for me, very wonderful place. On the heels of hunt camp…I may smell a bit rustic but if it’s later in the day would really love to finally be in audience. I’ll sit far away…near a window…under a tarp.


  2. Hey Jack,

    If that’s Springfield College in Massachussetts on April 14, which I’m guessing it is given the Naismith reference (though there is one in Springfield, Illinois), you should jaunt on over this way and do a reading in the greater Boston area. I know a bookstore owner that might be able to put something together. Just an idea.


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