One thought on “April 6, 2023, “What? You Wouldn’t Want to be a Dog?”

  1. Jack,

    You old Dog! And, I say this with Sentimentality!

    You just hit it out of the park! Touch ’em all, Slugger! Today’s (What? You wouldn’t want to be a Dog?) was a keeper, and it’s now saved on my reading list, or should I say viewing list! From the being to the end, of todays Pod Cast I loved and personally related to everything!

    I think I told you I was a very good athlete, in 3 sports in HS, but occasionally I was ribbed for being too nostalgic, and sometimes too soft hearted about life. But I was very good at all the games I played, so what they said, was mostly in humor and jest, and not in harsh critical terms. Since I was very well respected, as a team mate, I was never ostracized for being soft hearted. It never bothered me, to be thought of as Sentimental. I gladly received it, rather than try to fake it, by acting like an A-hole, hiding myself in a Cloke of Aggressive Physicality.

    The other topic I related too was your take, on marriage! I was very lucky to have been married to two wonderful, beautiful, artistic, and intelligent women. My late wife, Mary, for 37 years! And my current Heart Throb Dawn now for 21, if you count the 2 years we were engaged, and never, in either marriage, did we become One! We respected each others individuality too much, and we learned from each other.

    I was lucky to have both of them as lovers and teachers. They made me better than myself. Mary and I never had children. We never found out why, so I never thought I would become a parent.

    Dawn gave me the best gift ever in Lillian, almost 12 years ago! I now know the priceless blessing of being a Papa! You, my good friend, can certainly relate to this!

    We, in both partnerships, never had a dog, but Dawn brought Pierre into my life 2 years before we married, and he was the nicest cat anyone could have imagined. He then became Lillian’s buddy and Pal for 8 years, until we had to put him down before Christmas 3 years ago. But, 5 weeks ago Lillian and Dawn brought home a 5 month old rescue kitten, named “Prices Georgia!” She’s an amazing animal. She is loving, fun, and deeply caring, but everything (she Chooses to do) is on her terms! She is fitting into our lives very well already. Tomorrow, unfortunately, Dawn will take her to Mac’s Landing, and have her spayed. We want her to be an indoor, & outdoor cat! So we have no choice, and we hope she will not hate us too much, or at least be willing to let bygones be bygones!

    I love spending my Thursdays with you and Juli (at the Spinning Wheel) and Vivi on the couch!

    Thanks, Nick


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