2 thoughts on “March 16, 2023, “The Rain on the Burren, Part II”

  1. I know I’m a day late for yesterday’s Sentimentalist, Jack. That Furman game just ate up my day like a hungry dog. I was so darn busy boasting about those last 5 minutes. So, I didn’t sit down with you until early this mornin’.

    Anyway, I digress. Gosh it was good to sit with you and Julie and da pooch and just be “with” (always think of Meredith when that work sneaks in…) yunz guys. The poem was a big drink for my soul. Great few moments to have ears, if you ask me.

    Personally, the Irish/Yiddish is a lovely bit of color for this old gal. Don’t change a thing. It makes your bride smile too, what more could ya ask? Right?

    Don’t forget Furman’s taking to the court AGAIN tomorrow! Still can’t believe it.

    One Big Fat Gentle Hug for the Ridl clan, S Schrec XO


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