2 thoughts on “January 19, 2023, “One Night Can Change a Life”

  1. To Jack
    You provide comfort.
    My definition of comfort is the perception of emotional calm and predictable actions. Comfort also involves visually understandable and repeatable images. Comfort also involves verbally interesting, easily related names and references and challenging verbal concepts (poetry.) Comfort is augmented by shared sentimental events and objects as well as ideology. I think you are very comfortable in our shared “What the Heck is Going On!!!” sort of world. Thank for sharing your “comfort” with everyone and thank you to Julie for technically enabling and encouraging your engagement in the digital realm.

    A devoted viewer of the “Sentimentalist”

  2. It’s a grey day here in PA too. Makes me think of lines from the song Desperado..”the sky won’t snow and the sun won’t shine.” so “you better love somebody before it’s too late.” I think your message is partly this sentiment. Thanks for the poem.

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