2 thoughts on “December 15, “Dailiness”

  1. Thank you Jack,

    You are the candle in the night, providing us with your light! Your calm, taciturn messages each Thursday give me a reason to smile, even though the News Headlines I’vet read give only sorrow! I’m grateful to have your few minutes of Sanity, and Sentimentality illuminating our Better Angles! You remind me Every Week we are better than this!

    Your good friend, and neighbor, Nick


  2. Another beautiful morning with you, Jack, and Julie making things work. I truly enjoyed the poetry reading last night, although by a little after 8, my internet connection began giving me headaches, so I signed off – before you lost power. So appreciated the poem you read this morning you had intended to read last night. At any rate, I’d love the recording since I had to miss the last part myself! Hope Julie can send the link out to the recording. Christmas/New Year Blessings. Hard to believe – 2023!

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