2 thoughts on “September 1, 2022, “Because of William Stafford”

  1. Thought about you last night Jack, wishing I could, in body, be in 2 places…both good, very good. So my heart traveled to the red dock, while, just as important, my brain worked with others to make Hope Church a truly anti-racist place.

  2. I seem to a day late and forever a $ short, BUT that said – enjoyed listening/watching this morning instead of listening to yet more semi-bad-awful news! I love William Stafford! Thank you for a poem directed toward his lovely spirit. “I wrote 4 poems on my way over . . . ” ! Fabulous! A friend of mine posted these lines from Richard Wilbur on FB this morning (sometimes FB is ok):
    Outside the open window/The morning air is all awash with angels,”

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