That Roe prayer from a hospital chaplain, August 4, 2022

The Sentimentalist has plenty of sentiments to share today — Ukraine to BLM to Roe. Watch his mind cast back over another crazy week! Happy Thursday. And thanks to Alyssa Muehmel, a hospital chaplain in Ann Arbor, Michigan, who shared this prayer.

4 thoughts on “That Roe prayer from a hospital chaplain, August 4, 2022

  1. Thanks so much for another lovely sentimentalist this morning. I never get to it at the moment – I guess it is too early for me! What great news that the anthology is in a second printing. I purchased a copy and have appreciated it. There is a terrific Ukrainian organization called RAZOM which is doing so much to put resources together for Ukrainian help. Maybe you have heard of it. Razom in Ukrainian means “together”! President Zelensky regularly uses that word in his evening addresses to Ukrainians and the world. The prayer was so terrific! Thank you so much for ending with those words. Also – the prayer of Jesus in Aramaic is so fantastic. Diana Butler Bass had an article about that on her substack publication The Cottage. You might want to look it up. Sounds like Rev. Sal is with her on this broader interpretation. PLUS – the conversation with the Black women is stunning and important. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. Jack, dear, What fun it was to hear the details surrounding J & Betsy’s European excursion! I loved hearing about the waiter in Sienna who knew all about Jack Ridl, read (& obviously enjoyed because he remembered the work & its author) Losing Season, but was not surprised. Betsy is the gal who walks into a bar in Denver & sits down next to a woman who grew up in New Wilmington! You are better than social media…& much more interesting!!

    Our news is that we sold our home in BWoods on June 30, then moved full time to a place we’ve had in northern AZ for almost 20 years. Early July, the movers arrived with a truckload of stuff for which I have absolutely no room! 98% of the boxes are unpacked, but 78% of their contents are spread across every surface! Everything became meaningful when it was time to part with it, even though I made 4 trips weekly to the Thrift Store.

    The move was a hard one for me. I love Prescott, AZ, & have many friends here. It’s just that for the first time in almost 70 years, I do not have a permanent southwestern PA address. I tend sink deep roots into my Place, pulling up nourishment & meaning, so I’ve been, well, uprooted. I feel like a jumble of Legos patiently waiting to be reassembled. Northern AZ is breathtaking…especially the night sky! From our Great Room, you can see the Flagstaff mountains 75 miles to the northeast. So much wonder here for which to be grateful. And a perfect setting for Legos! All will be well!

    Thanks so much for sitting down & rambling each week about “this & that”. You make me think…& smile!! Big love & warm hugs to you, as your talented videographer & set designer♥️ Paula


  3. And, congratulations to your Meredith on her successful gallery show! I had look online to see for myself, & was fascinated with her drawings, their “secretly significant” relationship to daily life.


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