July 21, “A Father”

Today on the Sentimentalist, Jack asks about places loaded with memories, talks about friends old and new in his workshops, shows the cover of the Ukrainian poetry collection, “Busy Griefs, Raw Towns,” whose design and printing have all been donated by Schuler Books so that all sales go to Ukrainian relief.

2 thoughts on “July 21, “A Father”

  1. Today, I’m going to think of my father. Conversations? I’ll come up with some I’m sure for he was a very nice man. Nice to see you this morning. “How to walk like a heron” is on my top 10 list of favorite books 📚 Thank you for writing it, Lissa

  2. Thank you, Jack!! GF Korreck did an amazing job editing the anthology, and Schuler Books and Music has made a tremendous contribution to this effort through their design and publishing of this book! We are so grateful, and indebted to them both.

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