July 7, 2022, “It Could Be”

Today on the Sentimentalist, Jack and Vivian have a new microphone that, we hope, solves all the problems. Except squirrels. And the Supreme Junta. And the tragedies in our lives. And he brought something for show and tell. Don’t forget to head out to Schuler Books in Grand Rapids to grab your copy of the collection of Ukranian poems dear G.F. edited for all of us. All proceeds go to Ukranian Aid.

One thought on “July 7, 2022, “It Could Be”

  1. Dearest Jack, you, Vivie and Julie are such a comfort and oasis in our week in our life. Please know how much we cherish your reminder that sentimentalists heal our hearts, remind us what and whom we love and the goodness that is trickling through the chaos of greed, lack of compassion and caring and justice overwhelming us. We love your visit every Thursday. We love you.

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