May 26, Substitute Poet

Hi folks. Jack is incapacitated with some sort of low-back, pinched nerve thing, and can’t make a video today. But instead, he would like to refer you to a lovely piece from Mary McKSchmidt, about the anthology G.F. Korreck is putting together with Schuler Books. An anthology of poets responding to the Ukranian fight, with all proceeds for sale of these books going to Ukraine. Here it is:

We hope we’ll be back next week with Jack able to sit up!

7 thoughts on “May 26, Substitute Poet

  1. Well darn it!! That is painful and no good!! Tell Jack to heel like Vivian. Oh, i mean heal! Love.

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  2. A video from the supine position would have been fabulous, but we understand. Get better extra fast, Jack. And thanks to Julie for the plug for “Busy Griefs, Raw Towns.” Hey, everyone: pre-order a copy or two or three today!

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