Reminder, Poetry “Concert” Tonight, 7pm

Tonight is my favorite night of the year, when our “Landscapes of Poetry,” workshop of gifted writers, which has been running for years and years, meeting monthly to work on our work, gives their Holiday Reading. It’s free and open to the public. Just use the “Contact” links above to contact either me or Julie to ask for the link.

If you can make it, you’ll hear from:

Annie Valkema, Kathleen Markland, GF Korreck, Sharon Arendshorst, Beth McBride, Ruth Zwald, Jeff Munroe, Robbi Hartt, Marianna Maver,  Mary McSchmidt, and Peg Padnos, and me. Just a couple of poems per poet, so it will move briskly along.

Such a good way to meet the holidays in the most humane and focused way!


7 thoughts on “Reminder, Poetry “Concert” Tonight, 7pm

  1. Dear Jack & Julie,
    Please send me the link so that I can attend the “Concert” tonight. Many thanks along with excitement!


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