Landscapes of Poetry Holiday Reading, December 9, 7pm, Online


Use the contact link above to write to Jack for the link, and we’ll get you in.

Annie Valkema, Kathleen Markland, GF Korreck, Sharon Arendshorst, Beth McBride, Ruth Zwald, Jeff Munroe, Robbi Hartt, Marianna Maver,  Mary McSchmidt, Peg Padnos, and hosted by Jack Ridl, Directed by Julie Ridl, with special guest:

4 thoughts on “Landscapes of Poetry Holiday Reading, December 9, 7pm, Online

  1. Hi jack. Good to be on your list.  In June I emailed you a photo of me with Minister Sal at your church.  Did you receive?  I believe you were recovering from surgery 5hsr Sunday.  Since then my husband Roger passed,actually only 6 weeks later . It was our last vacation.It was really a good one. Poetry is helping me get by.

    Take care and blessings for the season. Nancy 

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  2. Jack, How cool! I will do my best to ZOOM in on the group on the 9th and cheer their wonderful work.

    Meanwhile, how would Friday the 10th work for a visit from an old friend? If not, we can find another day–maybe the previous week, maybe the next. Tell me which days are best for you–sometime after, say, 3:30.

    Hope you and Julie and family had a thank-full Thanksgiving and are enjoying Santas and Sanctus in the Ridl home.

    I look forward to our conversation, which always lifts my soul.

    Your retiring teacher but lifelong friend, Mark

  3. Sorry I will miss! Grandparenting that night. But have fun. Remember so many of our last night read arounds during so many Landscape years!

    Bless you! And Merry Christmas!

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