Where’s Jack?

Hey folks. The blog was a great form of protest, but now that we have some sanity heading for Washington, you’ll find Jack giving out a poem and a nice Pandemic “Good Morning Out There” each Thursday, live on his Facebook page. If you don’t do Facebook, the good news is, you don’t need to! You can still watch Jack live on Thursdays at 9am ET by heading to his public Facebook Page here or catch up with his Livestream videos here.  Thanks for subscribing. We will let you know where and when you can catch Jack on Zoom readings or maybe some day in person, through posts here every now and then. We love you guys! — Julie

4 thoughts on “Where’s Jack?

  1. Thanks Julie for giving access to Jack this am. It was so relevant to me, celebrating Christmas without Bob. Have decorated the tree, watering a red and a white gift poinsettia, and even plan to send some cards. The future looks full of hope. ❤️ Mary


  2. This is great Julie! I have been missing his voice for weeks now. Yes – sanity may be headed to DC but there is still plenty of it around free-floating and caustic to the lungs, dangerous to the heart. Peace.

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