On the Last Day of the World

Jack will livestream today’s poem at 9am, ET,  on his Facebook Page here,  and the video will be saved with all of his past Livestream videos here. Two weeks away.

I was raised to be very careful about using the word “Evil.”

It was never to be applied haphazardly. Hitler was evil. 45’s way of responding to Gretchen Whitmer, who bravely extended the lockdown here in Michigan and saved who knows how many lives, along with his vicious attacks on Dr. Fauci who has devoted his life to saving lives long after he could have retired, and the heinous accusations placed on Hunter Biden and promoted by that Cheshire Cat Guiliani and the ethically mangled Murdoch’s false journalists led me to brand the word on the protruding foreheads of 45 and his band of conscienceless pranksters.

45 and his henchmen are most certainly evil.

Good soul after good soul have told me that it’s reached the point where they are having physical reactions: stomach pains, increased pressure in the heart, headaches, surge depletion, ambivalent loss, increased anxiety, depression either mild or severe.

G. F. Korreck is one of those people whose interests are so eclectic, a man so humbly knowledgeable and intelligent that awe comes my way in our every conversation. And he’s an exceptional poet with an uncommon imagination. Today he sent to me the following piece of light verse he composed, which if you tilt your head, ain’t light, or is. Both. I secured his permission to include it in today’s post.

“My Favorite President”

serves me
french toast
every morning
and fresh squeezed orange
juice my napkin
has the constitution printed
in script every day
he sings the hallelujah
chorus he rescues a puppy
each afternoon he takes
my mom for a walk
and then shopping and
then to Taco Bell for lunch
he lets me watch old
videos of football
games my favorite
team won and gives
me a dollar
to spend wastefully

my favorite president
has Jimmy John’s cater dinner topped off
by a carton of blue
moon ice cream
and then we watch
for the 80th time
my bed gets turned down
the sheets always
fresh the blankets
new and warm
the night light
is a star that sings
lullabies and
when it gets real dark
my favorite president
leaves as quietly as
a whisper never heard

–G. F. Korreck

Tonight is the workshop of outstanding poets, ten of ‘em. I think this is our 12th year. Not one emailed me, “But what about the debate?”

On the Last Day of the World

Maybe the sky will be clear,
and we’ll take a walk down
the road behind our house,
just walk along, going nowhere,
somewhere. Birds will fly branch
to branch, a rabbit or chipmunk
may cross in front of us, disappear
into the brush. We’ll try
not to look at the sun.
We’ll keep our eyes off
to the side. When we come
to the bend, we’ll look for
the deer path, take it, and
see where it leads, see if
it opens to a clearing where
each night the deer sleep
deep within the star-distant light.

–Jack Ridl
Published in Third Wednesday

Laura Donnelly’s Midwest Gothic, recipient of the Richard Snyder Memorial Prize and published by Ashland Poetry Press, is one mesmerizing collection. How can you not read poems with tales such as “Miss Missaukee,1966” and “Boat Song in F-sharp Minor”? On sale from the press, or wherever fine books are sold.

Where are the books? Visit Reader’s World or Hope-Geneva Bookstore in Holland, The Bookman in Grand Haven, the Michigan News Agency in Kalamazoo, and The Book Nook & Java Shop in Montague to find Jack’s books in West Michigan.

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14 thoughts on “On the Last Day of the World

  1. I love your poem …
    Taking the deeper path.
    Oh. Yeah.


    Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

    Website: wordwoman.com
    Daily poetry blog: A Hundred Falling Veils
    Podcast on creative process: Emerging Form

    From: “comment-reply@wordpress.com”
    Reply-To: “RIDL.COM”
    Date: Thursday, October 22, 2020 at 6:02 AM
    To: Rosemerry Trommer
    Subject: [New post] On the Last Day of the World

    jridl posted: “Jack will livestream today’s poem at 9am, ET, on his Facebook Page here, and the video will be saved with all of his past Livestream videos here. Two weeks away. I was raised to be very careful about using the word “Evil.” It was never to be applied h”

  2. Dearest Jack I just spent the last hour with you breaking one after another to the posts at the bottom of your message. Easing out my window at the beautiful fall colors moving more deeply into each poem. Thank you dear friend it’s been a good afternoon.

    • What a heartening message, Jane. Thank you so very much.
      It’s been a long haul, and it’s friends like you who have
      enabled me to keep going. Knowing you are out there, refusing
      to give up, keep this shaking stability at it.

  3. BAW-HAW-HAW! I’m reading along, enjoying GF’s poem again and tallying the physical and emotional manifestations that accrue to me (heart pressure, depression, anxiety—) and I hit that line about the debate and barked right out loud! HAW, I bark again. Imagine that! Poetry over the Blow-dried Buffoon! Whoda thunk it??

    Sent from my iPhone


    • I sure hope you tell GF.

      I’m holding Landscapes via ZOOM January through May.
      It looks like there may be one drop. Do you want
      that spot? Email me.

  4. Oh how I love this poem ic yours Jack…what we need because really any day might be the last. And the poem and poet know that💕🙏😘

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. I left the house today–officially fulfilling the “order to isolate”. It had snowed. Not much. More predicted in the next few days. The air was so fresh and I felt joy for no reason for the first time in such a long time it surprised me. I’d posted a blog earlier “When the Church Is Silent”. The topic has been sitting on my heart for a while now–the anger and grieving and need in me finally ready to be written. Usually I see your poem post on my FB page but today I needed to go looking for it. I don’t understand FB’s algorithms. Have a wonderful workshop.

    • Oh how good to hear that you had a sparkle of joy.
      It sure ain’t easy. Don’t get me started on the
      church and Christianity’s general betrayal of Jesus


    • And I don’t tell all the Sauniers how much I love them often enough.
      We are also concerned about the political situation in France.

  6. Dear Jack, had a somewhat rough evening, trying to prevent friends from heading into the wrong direction – from my point of view -, and with friends it is not something you do just like that. Then decided to read your poem. Less agitated I would be able to find the words for the praise it deserves in every respect. Feeling the way I feel allow me a shortcut, please. It is like a ray of light that has come uncalled for.
    Thank you

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