Intercessory Prayer

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There he stood ever so proudly on the White House balcony. I fully
expected him to break into song — “Don’t cry for me all you Proud

So I thought it only responsible to make sure you were aware of 45’s
conclusions drawn from his experience with Covid-19 or as
he would like it named, Trump-2020. I paraphrase:

“There’s nothing to fear. Couple days, you’ll be fine. Fine. The
recovery rate is fabulous. Fabulous. We have the finest recovery rate
in the world.

“It’s time to open the theaters and concert halls. People need our
cultural entertainments. True, they don’t make America great, but
they provide a good time for those who do. I am proud, so very
proud, of every one of my arts.

“Masks — like Dr. Anthony Fauci says he didn’t say, but of course he
did — are not at all necessary. Not at all. More fake ideas to scare
you and can you believe this guy Biden? He thinks they should be
mandatory. Weak. Very weak.

“All those people they say died? Hoax! Just wanted to make me look
bad in Scotland.

“I had a couple Secret Service guys with me in the car when I left
Walter Reed. Dozens wanted to ride along. Fun. Terrific time. Really
terrific. Stopped for burgers and fries. They even paid. Nice guys.
Really nice guys.

“Yeah, lots of other presidents — like whats-his-name, Izinhour? — had
illnesses. Hey, but I’m the only one who is contagious. How about
that, huh? The people at Wally Reed were fantastic. Every one of them. That
doctor who said I shouldn’t leave? He didn’t say that. He said that I
shouldn’t leave my room. Big difference there. Biiiiiig difference.
They shouldn’t track me. I’ll tell you who they should track — that guy
Biden. See how he’s always wearing a mask? What’s that tellin’ ya,
huh? Think about it. That guy’s scared. He’s afraid. He’s weak. And
weakness, that’s what’s contagious. You surround yourself with
weak people and before you know it, well…

“This thing is almost over. I suggest you order a big turkey right now,
this afternoon. Why not?”


Jack here now — more than 210,750 Americans have died. Likely none
received the same care as 45.

So-called Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito have
suggested that the Court reconsider the case that legalized same
sex marriage saying that the ruling has impeded on religious
freedom. If that’s true, than abolishing the law impedes on the
religious freedom of our church, The United Church of Christ.

This is post number 202 since I began this project in 2016. May there be but four more.

Let’s vote for civility. Oh and by the way, don’t help destroy
democracy by voting for a third party candidate.

Intercessory Prayer

Think of all that doesn’t make a sound:
eyes, hands folded, certain feet on
a forest floor. And think of the deaf
world living on this silent
the hair on your dog,
the thoughts that make a city
of your mind, moss
the emptiness we have to carry,
the space between the stars.

–Jack Ridl

from The Same Ghost (Dawn Valley Press)

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14 thoughts on “Intercessory Prayer

  1. You are ready to play him on Saturday Night Live! Tooo perfect. And please – don’t stop after Nov 4. (For one thing- don’t think we’ll know!)…. but after we know! – we can have have your words of wisdom and poems!


    Sent from my iPad


    • I am really glad that it came across!!!!

      Oh boy, am I going to receive the pressure to keep going,
      but the point was to counter Trump. Your best bet is to vote for him. : )

  2. This is a good one Jack. And only 4 more where we fear losing Democracy. But maybe a few more to celebrate😊

    Jane Dickie


  3. Greetings Jack!! I voted on Tuesday, October 6, the day after the absentee ballots were delivered by mail to our Town Office! It was a better heart-burn-pressure reliever than a giant baking-soda burp would have been!! I had been Biden my time long enough!! I feel much relieved having voted!!! I can hardly wait for your celebratory poem, which you probably have already written. I just hope the “Number 45 Resistance War” will not last long, and the White House will not be charred ruins by inauguration day…although, perhaps, Number 46 deserves to live in a brand new untainted house…color to be determined.

    • Carol,
      You have brightened the day! Nothing like real wit, and you’ve got it
      and I’m sure grateful. It HAS to be color-wonderful where you are. I
      sure miss our visits to Stonington.

  4. I forgot to mention how your wonderful (as always) poem inspired my reaction…Did I get carried away??? Well, that’s me. I’m just hoping my humor, as bleak as it might seem, comes through. I love your poem! I can hardly wait for the celebration!

    • Carol, I’m so glad you loved that poem. It’s hard to
      select images of quiet that create a range and open
      all that truly is quiet in a much to noise pollute world.
      Quiet is forever being drowned out.

      • I hate almost everything about the pandemic…in fact, the only thing I like about it is the “stay at home” suggestion, which I take to heart. The sun may be heading south with the help of the north wind who seems hell bent on blowing it there; but, I love sitting all alone wearing my faded navy-blue, almost worn-out Westminster Titans sweat shirt…me and the cat who owns me relaxing in the lee of the wind soaking up left over heat of the summer sun to listen to the ocean and to watch southbound birds and to feed treats to the appreciative crow family and to have a meaningful talk with Queeky who knows more than any of America’s present leadership. Silence is healing.

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