The Cat and I Watch the Morning

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Let’s see: 45 on Mt. Rushmore? Hmmm…

How about if next he demands to be inserted into some of history’s most memorable artworks?

“Wouldn’t that be terrific! Think how many more people would come to see these and how much more they would appreciate them. Terrific idea. Terrific.”

For starters:

American Gothic
The Last Supper
Whistler’s Mother
The Peaceable Kingdom
The Bathers
The Ascension of Christ
At the Moulin Rouge
Young Woman Powdering Herself
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grande Jutte
Nude Woman in the Sunlight
Jacob Wrestling with the Angel
Still Life with Plaster Cast
The Gleaners
(The) David
Birth of Venus

Your list?

The Cat and I Watch the Morning

It’s what we do. Each morning.
The cat still sleeping on the sill, tail

twitching. Standing at the window,
I sip my coffee, new-brewed and

caramel-creamed. Within the sprawl
of this light, I want to turn and say,

“Watch how the light moves across
the liriope, sharp-cutting in shafts

through the winter leftovers of
browns and yellows, how it lies

on the platter-leaved butterbur,
drips down the fragile dangle

of coral bells and columbine, settles
into the full dark of the hemlock.”

–Jack Ridl

First published in the Chariton Review.
Subsequently published in Saint Peter and the Goldfinch, Wayne State University Press.

The best medicine for this time has come from the great Detroit Poet and merry prankster, M. L. Liebler, and his poetry happenings online. Do follow him, show up for his Zoom readings. Feel better.

Kirk Westphal’s’s new collection Arts and Science is available through Dos Madres Press. The poems explore in unexpected ways how the arts and the sciences blend, even fuse, can’t be simply separated. Westphal’s knowledge of philosophy infuses his work as he moves the reader to reflect on one’s encounters with both disciplines, enabling us to recognize we are encountering both at once.

Where are the books? Visit Reader’s World or Hope-Geneva Bookstore in Holland, The Bookman in Grand Haven, the Michigan News Agency in Kalamazoo, and The Book Nook & Java Shop in Montague to find Jack’s books in West Michigan.

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12 thoughts on “The Cat and I Watch the Morning

  1. Thanks for your guidance the other night. It was, for me, very important.

    Me thinks, myself would profit by a bit more “watching the morning” than “sitting in the moonlight” which I seem to do a lot.

    You are a gem, my friend. Best to your household people and pets. XO


  2. Since the original artwork was built on stolen land, and destroyed The Six Grandfathers, perhaps we should carve 45’s face into it and then let the Native Americans to whom the land actually belongs blow the whole thing to smithereens. My imaginings have taken an uglier turn of late.

  3. Sorry, I don’t have any other artwork in which to insert “45”. But I could see him at the end of the Last Supper table with a silken bag in his fist, plus “45” grabbing the privates of the women in “The Gleaners”. Oh yes, and the lady in American Gothic. (Ouch!)

  4. Sir Jack,

    In the morning, my cat likes to sit on my keyboard. His efforts often exceed mine. I will have a poem to read this coming week. Paintings 45 could fit into (perhaps he already does): The Blind Leading the Blind Landscape with the Fall of IcarusGuernicaThe Scre

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