Reasons Enough

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How are you holding up? For a lot of us it has gotten more difficult.

We are trying our best within the rise of the pandemic, the beginning of an overflow of messages from candidates and organizations, and the despicable words and acts of 45.

It’s overwhelming enough, let alone each time I hit unsubscribe, I feel I’ve let down helping out with all that really matters.

This is a second wave. We haven’t finished the first. We miss our break to get out, gather hugs, hang out with the people who keep us going.

I spent part of the morning playing with Hattie our cat. I have never pet Vivi so many times during a day. Of course I can’t scratch her butt enough as far as she is concerned. I always thought I would love having this much time to read.

There’s this sneaky feeling that I am lurking. It helps to get into the garden, even just sit on the porch and watch the sunset, most anything that doesn’t require passing through a barrier.

Well, we will make it. I am, for one thing, changing my view from “reading” to reading this book I’ve never experienced.

Reasons Enough

Because the afternoon sun shines through the window and settles on the pillows
And because the last of the summer sausage was stuck in the back of the fridge
That’s why. And—
The way the car starts like a bad joke
The way yesterday’s mail sits on the desk
The way the priest holds the host and carries the crucifix
Oh, and
Because of the Hopper print in the bedroom
Because of the maps of the Florida Keys in the glove compartment
Because of the burro’s tail drooping down across the open kitchen shelves
And the rosary beads on the mantle, the dog dish on its mat, the garden rake leaning against the side of the house
Also, when it rains at night, Sarah Vaughan, the radio
And the end of the driveway, that big rock with hostas around it, and the light on the back porch

–Jack Ridl

First published in The Journal (Ohio State University Press)
Subsequently published in Broken Symmetry (Wayne State University Press)

J.R. Solonche’s The Time of Your Life is out, his latest from Adelaide Books.

Rosemary Wahola Trommer’s new book Hush, winner of the Halcyon Prize for a collection of poems about human ecology, is a book-long love song to humanity and the natural world. It’s driven by curiosity and a willingness to dance in the unknown.  You will want this one, I promise.

Ginger Rankin’s novel , Grapefruit Parlor, is out on Amazon a novel that explores human trafficking in terribly personal detail. Touching, terrifying, and hopeful by turns. You won’t forget it.

R.A. Kamin’s first novel, The Other One, is out on Amazon. A psychological thriller that has your heart firmly in your throat from beginning to end. Set in the West Michigan!

Where are the books? Visit Reader’s World or Hope-Geneva Bookstore in Holland, The Bookman in Grand Haven, the Michigan News Agency in Kalamazoo, and The Book Nook & Java Shop in Montague to find Jack’s books in West Michigan.

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Beyond Meaning with Jack Ridl, C3: West Michigan’s Spiritual Connection

6 thoughts on “Reasons Enough

  1. Dear Jack,
    another very fine one! Thank you! Sorry for my long silence, sometimes life’s diversa get hold of you; not bad ones, though, in my case.
    Salutations from across the pond.

    • Reinhard, I have missed you and thought perhaps I had lost you.
      I am so very glad to hear that your diversions have been good ones.
      You very much deserve that,

  2. Awwww.,
    Thanks for the great shout out!!

    And Sarah Vaughan. And the hastas. And taste of a green bean fresh off the vine. Yeah. those are good reasons, reasons enough.



    Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

    Daily poetry blog: A Hundred Falling Veils
    Podcast on creative process: Emerging Form

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    Reply-To: “RIDL.COM”
    Date: Thursday, July 2, 2020 at 6:22 AM
    To: Rosemerry Trommer
    Subject: [New post] Reasons Enough

    Jack posted: “Jack will livestream today’s poem at 9am, ET, on his Facebook Page here, and the video saved with all of his past Livestream videos here. How are you holding up? For a lot of us it has gotten more difficult. We are trying our best within the rise of “

  3. How is it that you know just what I need, just when I need it most??? Your view of the simplest things helps to put all those greater things in perspective! Virtual hugs until we can do the real thing – Susan

    • I am a mystic poet. We must be cosmically connected! : )

      So many of those simple things save us. I am grateful for you
      that you are one who can keep the mysteries of the simple things
      central to your days.

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