It’s April and It Should Be Spring

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I don’t know about where you are, but here it’s cold, rainy, gray, and supposed to be Spring. Well, the pansies I imposed on you last week are still smiling. Not very much else is. Even we hermit types wanna get our fingers into the earth. I am writing this with my wrists. My hands have been washed away. If this keeps going we’ll be doing most everything with our elbows.

I apologize for being so bitterly insensitive to any who have been infected.

Okay, enough self-pity. Oh, one other thing, do you go to bed now thinking “Well, I made it through another day”?

Our leader now can’t possibly wash the blood off his hands for the thousands (millions?) he could have saved and/or prevented from catching the virus.

While we’re all talking about heroes. My gosh, they can be the most unassuming of souls. I visited my surgeon the other day, and of course the receptionist could not be six feet away from me. And she was just as smiling in sincerity and warmth as always.

Okay back to this Spring. A great good thing is to see the plants pushing their way up through the cold no matter what. Let’s make them our totem reminders, and, what the heck, let’s be silly and have them say to us, “If we can make it, so can you.”

Oh, who cares if it’s cold and rainy. I’m heading outside to plant a couple dozen more pansies. It IS SPRING after all—in Michigan.

It’s April and It Should Be Spring

The gods are tired of tending fires.
Against the window, a cold rain.

Each night the hour hand moves
time and us closer to the light.

No one wants to go out. No one
wants to stay in. And the rain.

Robins do their silly walk across the lawn,
dead grass dangling from their beaks.

Crocuses raise their purple risk
through the ice-crusted mulch of maple,

oak, beech, and willow. They last
a day. Clumps of daffodils stay

blossom-tight. We want to put away
sweaters. What would the saints do?

We haul in more wood. It is raining.
Sunday and it is raining. And it is cold.

Winter’s wedged itself into a crack
along the equinox. We know, in time,

the trees will bud, the flowers rise
and bloom. Until that invisible time,

We do what the earth does.

–Jack Ridl

First published in Temenos Journal. Published later in an alternative form in Poetry East.
Subsequently published in Practicing to Walk Like a Heron (Wayne State University Press)

On May 1, at 8pm EST Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer and Jack will give a ZOOM reading. “It’s About Time to Have a Good Time.”  There are 100 spots. To secure one go to:

The reading on April 28 at The Book Nook and Java Shop will be done via ZOOM starting at 7pm. Contact Bryan Uecker, owner and organizer for information. Later, this summer, Jack will give a live reading there with Mark Hiskes.

Jack’s Homily, “The Devil Went Down to Douglas” is here for those of you interested in marking the occasion.

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7 thoughts on “It’s April and It Should Be Spring

  1. ❤️ you Jack! So grateful to see your post in my inbox each Thursday! MISS YOU and Julie! ❤️ Louise

    Sent from my iPad


    • Well, we sure miss you two. A lot!!

      thanks for your kind words about Thursday’s posts

      Comments such as this keep me going!!
      Elbow hugs

  2. Thanks again Jack for your gift/s.Talk about a poetry gift . . . Stratford’s offering free Shakespeare today beginning on Bill’s birthday. PaulStratford Festival streaming Shakespeare performances for free

    | | | | | |


    | | | | Stratford Festival streaming Shakespeare performances for free

    The Stratford Festival Theatre is offering free streaming of 12 Shakespeare performances over a four month period. |



  3. Thank you Jack for another grouping of grace filled words. What a line:
    Winter’s wedged itself into a crack/ along the equinox …
    Love springs despite Spring’s slow advent.

    • I wanna STEAL your gorgeous line! Really.

      You asked about the book I mentioned. It’s a novel, Sacre Bleu, so about the only truth about
      the Impressionists is an impression of what they were like.
      They sure were in this novel, sexually overactive shall we say. But one does
      get the sense of what it was like to be doing something that was being rejected almost everywhere.
      You really are so kind to me!
      Stay safe
      Elbow hugs

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