Extra! Extra! SO Extra!

Oh I’m so delighted to have had the opportunity to be interviewed/have a cool conversation with this remarkable podcaster. If you haven’t found her cast yet, then I have the extra, extra honor of making the introduction, for which you will thank me.

And Then Suddenly is the brainchild of the kind and brilliant Angela Santillo, whose path I’ve crossed once before while working with CavanKerry Press. Her podcast has a brilliant premise…

Describe a moment in your life that changed… everything.

She’s had that moment, and from it she has made this podcast.

And here’s the conversation we had recently.  I hope you explore many of the episodes. Because they will change you. In a good way.




6 thoughts on “Extra! Extra! SO Extra!

  1. I really enjoyed reading My Brother-A Star. It brought back so many memories and fantasies about boyhood dreams while practicing my sports in the back yard and on the ice pond near our home. Those were the moments of pure joy and dreams! Alone working on your techniques and waiting for the chance to use them the next game, while living the dreams of boyhood.


    • Hi Nick,
      So glad to hear this! And it’s a fascinating response to what is for me
      likely the most tragic, sorrow-filled poem I ever wrote. The first five
      times i tried to compose it I broke down. But I just kept at it. Also
      didn’t make it through the first time I read it at a reading. Now it
      is part of me.

  2. Dear Jack,
    This is a phenomenal conversation. Len and I really got a lot out of listening. Thanks for the pointer to the podcast and big bundles of thanks for your inspirations on healing.
    Love, Phyllis

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