Poetry and the Spirit (Sold Out, Wait List Open)

IMG_0687A conversation with Pastor Sal of Douglas UCC and Poet Laureate of Douglas Jack Ridl will be held October 24, 7 to 9pm, at Douglas United Church of Christ, 54 Wall Street, Douglas, Michigan. Tickets are available at: http://bit.ly/poetryspirit

Sal Sapienza, pastor of the Douglas United Church of Christ,  is a writer, a spiritual pilgrim, and a progressive minister who seeks communion of all faiths and justice in all things. Poet Jack Ridl was once a pre-seminary student, a former professor of poetry, a workshop leader, who for many years studied Zen.

The evening will begin with Sal and Jack offering some of their ways of thinking about the spiritual and the poetic, which not only have much in common, but may be so intertwined as to be inseparable. After their conversation, the audience will join in with their questions, comments, wonderings, ways of thinking.

Sal and Jack will refer to their own books, so it may be useful to bring along your copies. Their books are available through online and real life bookstores. Reader’s World Bookstore will have books for sale before and after the discussion in the Friendship Hall.

Seating is limited, tickets are $10 and will be taken at the door. Buy your tickets at: http://bit.ly/poetryspirit

12 thoughts on “Poetry and the Spirit (Sold Out, Wait List Open)

    • Delighted, Peg, that you will be there. And I certainly agree that even
      better are the portraits and Julie’s talents are a daily gift to this guy.
      And she’s so damned humble about it all !!!

  1. This looks so fabulous!!! (And I love the drawing—could not be more perfect!!!) I will be in the middle of the Atlantic on the 24th—part of Rubin’s wish list to sail under Statue of Liberty like his grandparents. But what a great event! Bravo to you both.

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  2. Julie and Jack, Thank you, we bought 4 tickets and are bringing our friends. We look forward to seeing you both then. Be well! Marsha and Michael

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    • We will be there in spirit but the commute from California is a bit too much. It’s so good to hear that you are up and around. We have refrained from contacting you on the advice of Julie. Perhaps that “ban” has been lifted?

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