Blog on Break. Here’s why…

Hi folks,
Jack had emergency surgery on Friday to release pressure on his spinal column, remove bone spurs, and fuse his neck from top to bottom. He has 12 weeks recovery in a hard neck brace that makes reading and emailing impossible.
As much as Jack would appreciate hearing from you, please don’t email him right now. It’s just too hard for him to respond, and he always feels pressure to respond. He should be back at it in late October!
All best to you and your work! Resist!
And to get your fix of great writing from large-hearted folks, head to Writer’s Resist.

11 thoughts on “Blog on Break. Here’s why…

  1. Dear Julie,

    Thanks for the update and the warnings. May resilience and perseverance be daily companions to you and Jack. Stephen Hemenway

  2. Special healing prayers to all of you! Glad that surgery went well and that Jack is on the road to recovery. 🙏😘❤️Peg

    • Oh Linda, somehow this got sent into a wrong column.
      Julie and I thank you for caring. After eight months
      I am out of the neck brace that I had to wear for all
      24 hours per day. It sure feels good to feel, of all things,
      a neck!
      Thanks again, and of course, thank you for your own work
      and your wonderful site.
      Elbow hugs

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