We know where WE will be tomorrow night.


Our pal Lisa Lenzo is throwing a launch party at one of our favorite local coffee shops, Uncommon Coffee Roasters. And you’re invited! Lisa’s work is as unblinking as the title of the new book, Unblinking, from Wayne State University Press.

Will we see you there?

Wednesday, May 8th, 2019
Saugatuck Book Launch Party
Short reading at 6
free coffee, tea, and treats
Uncommon Coffee Roasters
127 Hoffman Street
5-8 p.m.

And! Soon! Thursday, May 16 at 7pm, I’ll get to read with Lisa at the Michigan News Agency bookstore, 308 W. Michigan Avenue in Kalamazoo.

7 thoughts on “Unblinking

  1. We are hoping to be there, as well, but many things going on right now could prevent that from being a part of our reality.

    Hope to see you there?



  2. Thanks for the invite. I’d love to be there, but there is an ocean between us. I have been to Saugatuck when I stayed in Kalamazoo for a couple of days. Your email is a welcome reminder of those days. By the way, I think I know one of your former colleagues at Hope College. Do you remember Natalie Dykstra ? Hope you will have a nice evening.
    Best regards, Bernd

    • Natalie is a friend of ours! When we had our open studio, she
      was a regular attendee. And she always invited me to her
      classes. We spent lots of time talking teaching and
      about her books. How neat to know that you have been here.
      And how did you come to know Nat?
      Come back, ocean or no ocean!!

  3. In Zen Buddhism they speak of “being between the things”. Since, according to my understanding, it is one of the goals, it is – of course – not easy to get there. When it happens you call tell when you follow the words and lines of a mind “between the things”.
    Congratulations, Jack, to a poem that touches like a breeze from that other kingdom, and best wishes
    Reinhard Paczesny, Aschaffenburg, Germany

    • Thank thee. Truly. The other day I was told that my poems are
      work with negative space. I so appreciated that, too. The
      title of my second collection was Between.
      For you to discern this means so very much.

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