Community Read: Death and Life of the Great Lakes



Hey, hi folks,

Jack and Julie here. We belong to a groovy progressive church in Douglas, MI, the DUCC, which works for equal rights, social and environmental justice, all the good stuff. We sit on the Creation Justice Team, and we’re both going to be facilitating at this event, which will take place September through November, with three meeting times. We would love it if you would join us, in person or online, if you like, by comment/discussion below.

Former State Senator Patty Birkholz, in the year or so before she passed away, served as a great mentor to the DUCC Creation Justice Team. During that time she pressed into our hands — as she did everyone she met — Dan Egan’s amazing and award-winning book, The Death and Life of the Great Lakes.

Patty wanted everyone in the states and provinces that border the Great Lakes to read it, to understand better the challenges our waters have faced and will face, so we can be better equipped to fight for the survival of the largest freshwater system in North America.

So we have decided to read this book together as a kind of community-wide bookclub Event.

Will you join us?

The book is divided into three parts, the Front Door, the Back Door, and the Future. We will gather at the DUCC Friendship Hall, 56 Wall Street, Douglas, MI on these dates to discuss these sections of the book. We would love it if you could commit to all three dates, but if not, join in for as many as you can.

The Front Door, September 18, 6:30p.m.

The Back Door, October 23, 6:30p.m.

The Future, November 13, 6:30p.m.

The Saugatuck-Douglas District Library has hard copies and electronic copies of the book available on loan.

Follow this link to to join in on the read!

5 thoughts on “Community Read: Death and Life of the Great Lakes

  1. Gary is reading it now – Mary B is a BIG fan and told us it was a must. It’s on my list too! Lake Michigan has been a huge part of our adult lives so we are more than just a little concerned about its future. Jean

  2. Jack and Julie,
    Louise and I are reading the book. I (Bob) finished “The Front Door”. Now we have had 2 granddaughters ( age 10 months and 4-3/4) here for 7 days. And today a third (2 years old) comes. Luckily this ones comes with her parents – cause Louise and I (well at least I) am fried. All this is to say the Louise will need long recuperation before she tackles the “Front Door “ of the Great Lakes. But she has the best of intentions.

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  3. Great read! Should be required reading for all Great Lake states’ legislators/governors. Thank you for spreading the word about this book.

  4. Hi Jack, Look forward to and appreciate your weekly posts. Thank you! Just registered for your HASP class and am excitedly anticipating it. Would register for anything you taught but this will inspire me to do some memoir writing. With love to you and Julie

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    • Oh Mary, so good to hear this from cherished you. Thank you.’
      And be sure to ask amazing Joel about the gift he gave to
      us that will have our hearts melting always.

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