Oxbow Workshop!

Hi there, one and all–

My daughter Meridith Ridl and I will be teaching a class at Ox-Bow July 9-12, from 10am till 12:30. The max number of participants is 12. There are some openings. We’d sure love to have you join us.

This is an Art on the Meadow Class. We’ll start each day with some directed writing that you will enjoy, especially because you can write any way you like: fragments, notes, lines, sentences, prose, poetry, chicken scratches . . .  Then we’ll turn to coordinating what you wrote with a visual artwork.

Each day will be different.

To find out more and sign up, here’s what to do:

Register at http://www.ox-bow.org/art-on-the-meadow-day-course-registration

Or you can call Ox-Bow at 269-857-5811

Meridith and I would love to spend the week with you!

3 thoughts on “Oxbow Workshop!

  1. Hi Jack, before I went and joined the car industry I studied something real, literature. Would love to come, but currently on holiday in Spain with my family. One day, when we may make it back to Michigan we‘ll pass by. Very much appreciate your work, inspiring. Take care, Uli

    • Uli, please know how much this sustains. Here’s to magical times in
      Spain and hugs all around within your family!!

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