Here’s Hoping You Read as Well as He Writes

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Behind this link is the lovely piece Christian Zaschke wrote about Jack’s “In Time” series, his act of resistance. We are heartbroken that we cannot read it in German, because after spending a few days with Christian (after a few minutes, we knew), we realized that this writer loves his words, uses them carefully, builds and sculpts his stories. What an honor to have met him, and how kind he was to put so much effort into casting his light on this project.

Dear new readers, here are all of Jack’s Thursday posts, resisting the administration of 45, under the tag “In Time.”

So many thanks to Norbert Kraas for introducing us!




30 thoughts on “Here’s Hoping You Read as Well as He Writes

  1. It is a beautifully written Artikel, very touching too! After reading it, I really wish I could come and visit you there on a Sunday, in the kitchen..

    Why don’t you get someone to translate it for you? It really is superb, written with much love for poetry, art and life in general .

    Thank you for sharing with us!

    • Dear Yiva,

      What joy you have brought to this heart. It’s a cold, rain-dappled day here and my heart is
      sunny. Thank you.

      Yes, we are getting a translation. What a delightful four days we had with Christian and are
      in awe of the way he so seamlessly weaves disparate aspects into a whole. “Beautifully written,”
      I can believe. We can’t wait to read it, and only wish we weren’t embarrassed by not knowing
      your language.

      Here’s a sincere invitation: You come to the states and visit us and we shall have a lovely time
      in the kitchen and being with one another.

      Your kindness will sustain the project, the poems, this scribbler trying to touch what matters to
      those with hearts such as yours.

      My thanks cross the seas and land in your kitchen

    • Hello, Dirk,
      I hope that the blog brings you moments of goodness. Thank you for
      writing. Such kindness keeps this heart beating with delight.

  2. Dear Jack Andi Friends, I only read the article thus morning in my newspaper in Germany. As somebody who loves especially the German and English languages und who sees with great worry that words in our daily life, in politics and the media are so often used carelessly, I loved to read about your project. There’s hope for a less violent communication and for respect for others. Im goibng to follow your blog from Germany because I sense similar trends in Europe that leave me speechless after our history. Thank you so much for your different approach.

    • Nina,
      Thank you so very very much for writing this. It means a great deal to me to know that others/you
      are concerned about the misuse of language, language used to harm, language as violence. It will
      feel so good when I sit down to compose my weekly post to know that I am writing to you, that
      you are out there as part of a community worried, caring, hoping.
      With gratitude across the ocean to you,
      Jack XXX

  3. Dear Jack, this morning I followed my usual Saturday-morning-routine: sitting in the kitchen and reading the Süddeutsche Zeitung. What a delight it was reading the article about You and also learning about Yourself and Your work!
    I have worked more than twenty years in total for several American companies, and had the pleasure of meeting many interesting, intellectual and intelligent people, and I am proud to count some of them to my close friends. Your writing and your thoughts give me hope, that 45 is just a nightmare that will pass and we will all see better times again!
    Thank You for all the depth and reflection in your words!


    • Dear Matias,
      To read your thoughtful message brought me great warmth on another snow-filled day here
      along Lake Michigan. I am heartened to know that you were with such fine Americans. I worry
      that all of us here are jammed together with the frightening citizens who are betraying
      sensitive and intelligent souls all over the world. It very often feels to me that I am
      living in a country within another country drugged by the narcissistic, cruel overlord 45.
      I, too, hope this nightmare will pass. We are resisting in all the thoughtful ways we can.
      When I sit down to compose a post, I will feel stronger knowing you are one that I am
      writing to.
      My gratitude is abundant.

  4. Dear Jack,
    It is wonderful to find your exceptional work via this article!

    PS: I had to think of Erich Fried, Foreordinations:

    It is said
    that a poet
    is the one
    who puts the words

    That is not true

    A poet
    is one
    who is put together
    by the words
    at least halfway

    if he is lucky

    If he is unlucky
    the words tear
    him apart

    • Ohhhh Bianka,
      Yes and yes and YES to the poem you so thoughtfully sent to me.
      Thank you so much.
      And thank you for your kind words about my work. To know you are “out there”
      is sustaining. Please believe how much your message means to me, helps me
      keep on.

  5. Easter Greetings from Germany. Thanks to Christian Zaschke I found your Blog on this Easter Morning. It is a very touching gift. All the best to all of you, Uschi

    • Dear Uschi
      As this Easter comes to a close where you are, it has come again to me
      through your kind message, a message that touched this heart and will
      sustain it in my work and hope, and quiet resistance of support to all
      of those so deeply harmed by 45.
      My thanks are abundant.

  6. Thank you Jack and Christian,
    I just read the german Article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung. I really like the idea of my own kitchen full of people working at creative protest.
    I will discuss the idea with my flatmates.
    Best regards from Berlin.

    • Paul, thank you for writing such heart-lifting words to me. Our daughter is an artist and we always helped her
      know that one can protest against and one can protest for, one can resist by placing good into the world, that
      her own art is a way to add goodness to the world. I wish you joy as protest, and may you gather in your
      kitchen is creative protest.
      My thanks are abundant.

  7. Dear Jack,
    on this cold and wet easter Sunday in Dortmund, Germany, I’ve just read Christian Zaschke’s article about you and your poetry and your kitchen table – and I found it very touching and encouraging. I will with great pleasure read your blog now and will tell friends about you and your unusual way of opposing 45’s way of being “a politician”.

    • Dear Eva,
      I sit here at the keyboard with deepest thanks that you would take the time to write such
      moving, kind, encouraging, and sustaining words to me and for the project. I have always
      hoped that protest can also be in the form of supporting those being harmed, harmed so
      terribly by, in this case, 45. We here in the states are living in a country within
      another country, that other country having an overlord capable of huge narcissistic
      cruelty. When I sit down this week and in the following weeks, I will be uplifted
      knowing that I am writing to you.
      My thanks cross the ocean.

  8. hi jack, like dirk i found your blog by the article written by christian zaschke for the eastern edition of “die sueddeutsche zeitung (sz)”. another score for the sz. keep going and writing. greetings, foj

    • Dear Friedrich,
      Thank you so very very much for your supportive encouragement!!
      It was an unexpected joy to be contacted by Christian, let alone
      have him come visit my wife Julie and me for four days and become
      an “instant friend.” I never would dream such a wonderful thing
      could happen to this old poet, let alone after all these years.
      Your message and those from others in Germany have given me
      renewed hope that a gentle resistance that attends to those
      affected by the narcissistic cruelty of 45 is of value.
      Sending gratitude across the sea

    • Dear Heidi,
      What a joy to hear from you, that you took the time to write such a kindness.
      Oh my yes, you are ever welcome at our kitchen table.
      One writes and doesn’t know if it matters at all. So please know how much
      your writing to me will help sustain my heart and the project.
      My thanks in abundance

  9. I start following your block since I read this article in the SZ. I actually started writing my blog after “45” was elected, with only one purpose. I’ll get my thoughts out for one or thousand or none readers.

    • I am so very very glad to join you in the resistance.
      May we stay together in this.
      Thank you for letting me know.
      And may all that can be good be in your days,

    • This is incredibly kind of you. Thank you sooooo much.
      The piece is being translated and will be with us soon.
      But again, thank you for your generosity.

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