A Free Writing (and freewriting) Event

Hey folks, I’ve got a gig coming up on April 12, 6:30 to 9:30pm at the DUCC Friendship Hall, 56 Wall Street in Douglas, MI. It’s free, and open to the public, and I’d love for you to join us, and bring a friend! It’s described in this attachment, below, which is handy for sharing with your friends and family. If you think you might like to come, please use the contact link, on my website, or the event link on my Facebook page to let me know. Thanks, and hope to see you there!

Jack Personal History Workshop

16 thoughts on “A Free Writing (and freewriting) Event

  1. Jack, Larry and I would like to attend this….we are old now…. : ). and writing our “lives” for our grandchildren….it would be so wonderful to work it through with you!

    Let us know if it is ok for both of us to come.

    Thanks, Ginny


  2. My husband Jim and I look forward to attending your workshop and discovering ways to tell our stories. Priscilla Lynch

  3. Hello, Jack. Thank you again for joining us last night at our book club meeting. We’re all so grateful to have had you and your stories in our presence. I would like to attend your writing workshop on April 12. How shall I sign-up for the event?
    Thank you again —
    Kelly Cramton-Beat

    • Kelly,
      First of all, Julie remembers you well and with delight!
      Secondly, thank you for your kind words here, and for your part
      in making the evening a joy for me. My gosh, your attentiveness,
      insights, and laughter sparkled. It can be scary laying oneself
      out with ones poems. You made me feel like I was with old friends.
      My pal Naomi Nye would affirm that you’re an “instant friend.”
      Third–you are now signed up. I hope you have a really good
      and worthwhile time. I’m really happy that you wanna be there.
      See you soon.
      PS. If you want to sign up for my Thursday Project, just hit Subscribe
      on the site http://www.ridl.com

    • Your are in. And I am soooooo glad to get to be with you, Pam.

      We’re at 55, so had to close the door. Astonishing.

      See you soon! YAYYY!

  4. Hi Jack, Is it too late for my daughter, Ariana, and me to sign up? If not, I understand; your invitation went out a while ago. Thanks!

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