Reading! Reading! Reading!

  ********** ROAN AND BLACK GALLERY PRESENTS!!!! **********


Where:    Roan And Black Gallery on Blue Star Highway between Saugatuck and Douglas
Date:        Friday, June 23
Time:        7pm
Cost:        FREE!

Weather permitting, the festivities will be in the stunning gardens at the gallery. A limited number of chairs will be provided so consider bringing a chair and/or a blanket. Come early and visit the art in the gallery, stroll the gardens, enjoy the eclectic array of items in the two stores accompanying the gallery.

See the attached flier for more information. Guaranteed money back if you don’t have one terrific time. We would love being with you as we welcome–at long last–SUMMER!

Here’s that flyer.

14 thoughts on “Reading! Reading! Reading!

  1. SO going to try to do this.

    If all goes as expected, Jim and I will be closing on our new home that day.

    It is just lovely, on the water, mid-century design, everything we have said we wanted for the last two or three years.

    But . . . it means we have to leave our home.

    Honestly, people have fled terrorist regimes with less regret than I feel leaving this place that has nourished our souls for the last 23 years.

    I am having a “purging” sale tomorrow and was cleaning out my books and found all of those you have so graciously signed for me.

    I think Heron will help me through this, actually.

    Coming down after such a momentous event in our lives will be the perfect balm.


    Patti > >

    • It’s like moving to a new country, even a new world.
      Sending care and hopes and I know that you will transform your
      new home into another sanctuary.
      And yes, I hope you can come and gather in some R and R that evening.

  2. Hi Cari, Would you and Blaque be interested in joining Barbara and me to attend this reading? Perhaps an early dinner before?

    Let me know,


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