After Another Massacre

A couple of weeks ago, the posted poem was “Keeping On,” the one where the fellow plants spoons. I’ve been asked, “Why spoons?” For me there were several reasons. For the fellow in the poem, spoons catch and reflect the light, and they never waver from their “spoon-ness.” Spons also are used to nourish, to feed another, are readily taken for granted and overlooked, have a certain humbleness, can be used to lift and dig and carry, come in a variety of types and styles and uses. Friends are sticking spoons in their gardens like the man in the poem. I encourage each of you stick a spoon or two out where you can see it every day. Ours greet us just outside the door. It’s all but impossible for us to see them without being reminded of their light and purpose. They make us smile.

I’ve also been asked “Why Thursday for sending the poem?” Seems to me that the other days of the week are associated with something. Wednesday is “get over the hump day,” the middle of the week time. Friday is, of course, TGIF. And there sits Thursday with nothing much to show for it.

I don’t recall a week where the political world has pressed so heavily on so many hearts. And so this week’s poem…

After Another Massacre

Night comes even
with evening.

Our cat lies
a supplication.

We will say
a prayer
for the cold rain,

for the trees
going skeletal.

–Jack Ridl

First published in Talking River

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10 thoughts on “After Another Massacre

  1. I love the first line so much – how the even evens things out somehow. Thank you, thank you for your blog, Jack! I look forward to reading your poems every Thursday morning. And spoons in flowerpots!

  2. Jack,

    Just you wait. We will plant spoons once we get into our new condo–early April. Catching light in Michigan is a sacramental act of faith and hope–in the sense that a sacrament not only points to God but also makes him present.

    Bless you.


    • Oh my yes, to the light in Michigan. And your spoons will
      help us all, knowing they are catching the light and your light.
      Peace and kindness,
      Jack XXXX

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