2 thoughts on “Winter Happening

  1. Neither rain nor snow nor infinite Mich variations nor Hope offices empty of folk who print the wrong event date–yet desire “reservations” via a “Where’s Waldo” tracery– will keep us from this reading. Bless you: the Morning Impaired bow and scrape (as best we can) that yours isn’t the EARLY session, Jack and we shall listen to the beloved 88.9 best jazz as we slip-slide westward. Thou swell, thou witty, thou grand!
    Thus far our own winter happenings have involved local power outages beyond Great Sol’s habitual obfuscations–plus sneak-up-on-ya white-outs.
    Bon voyage a Bethesda, Julie!
    May you return well-knit one, purl two.

  2. So Jack–not really the blogging type, eh what? I was really tempted to post your “Love Poem” poem from THE SAME GHOST as my favorite poem on Valentine’s Day but that would probably be some kind of copy right or personal property right volation so I just reread it to myself and was as marveled as I was the first time I read it. Anyway–hope life is going well for you. I’ve joined blogging land and am enjoying much of the banter–reminds me of class discussions from 113 while reading ZEN AND THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE. Humm…Guess that dates me. Meg from Montana

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