Reading with Sally

November 16 brought a wonderful gift. I got to read with my former student Sally Smits at Indiana University at South Bend. Sitting there listening to her, seeing her so luminous, brought back memories of this punk first year student who landed in the flatlands so homesick for her Rocky Mountains. And now here she was, a college professor and a poet you all should read, a poet whose poems are filled with glowing surprises and head/heart coherence. They dazzle but never show off. Amazing, I’d say. Julie was there, knitting away with a soft smile on her face the whole time. Following Sally felt like being the trained seal trying to follow the Queen of the Air. I balanced the bowling pin on my nose quite well, however. And there was a Q & A after, which was another delight as we responded to questions and bantered back and forth with lots of laughs.Everyone at IUSB was warm and welcoming. I loved being with the faculty after the reading and before it at dinner–one classy dinner it was. If you are ever in South Bend, go to the Main Street Cafe. I think that’s the name of it. The faculty at IUSB have such intelligent enthusiasm. They are building a writing program and it’s going to be terrific.

And former student Jill Thiel drove all the way from Chicago to be in the audience. That was so so kind of her. What a great good time this all was. To read with ones student–talk about a joy! In the spring, I get to read at Michigan State with former student Chris Dombrowski. I wanna have a tour with all my students!

4 thoughts on “Reading with Sally

  1. Wow, I made the blog. I was having such a lousy evening last night (having to put my cat Cinnamon to sleep). This brightened my evening just a little.

  2. If I paid enough attention here to know of the event, and I had a car, and I felt comfortable driving, and I had ever driven on a highway before, and I knew how to use road maps, and gas didn’t cost 500 dollars for a trip to South Bend and back, I would’ve gone 🙂 . In any case, I’m glad you had a good time!

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